Genuinely surprised I remembered my password for this site. I mean, that’s a feat on it’s own, yeah? So… when was the last time I posted on this website? Like… three years ago, at the least! I’m sixteen now. Not eleven, and there are a few things I’d like to say. Not that I expect anyone to be following this blog, because if I were you… I would’ve stopped following a long time ago. This is mostly for me.  But, writing this story, honestly, was a huge part of my life. Not the act itself, but the spark that it started in me. Writing, putting myself and my work out there, something that I am truly passionate about… if nothing else. So, to anyone who is reading this.. or happens to still be following this blog.. thanks, just for not ditching… I guess. Punctuation is cool, by the way. I learned that.


I have a lot of respect for Sims Stories because screenshotting is really hard, okay. Also, so are legacy. I’d like to try it again, sometime soon, now that I’m a hint more responsible. Maybe this summer? We’ll see…
Big Love.

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Generation 3 Seraphina Chapter 12 Part One

“Rikki, are you sure you want to do this?”

“It’s your wedding, of course I do!”

“B-But you’re like 8 and a half months pregnant!”

“Lucette is 2 months pregnant!”

“I know… but she’s not supposed to be on bed rest!”

She rolled her eyes at me. I saw the sadness flow to her face she wanted this more than anything. I was her best friend and a bridesmaid at her wedding, she wanted to do the same for me.

“I know Phina, but it’s worth it for you” She pushed me a way and strolled into the house “Now where’s my dress?”

As all of us got suited in our dresses I was the one who was probably the most nervous about the fitting. Not just for the fact I was getting married but the fact Rikki could go into labor any moment. Now here’s the deal, we were prepared! Rikki did not want a hospital delivery because she didn’t like hospitals and refused to get any of her check-ups done there. And her house was getting remodeled so we decided that Rikki’s baby would be born at my house, with Ethan, in Riverview, an hour away from Twinbrook, where Rikki and Isacc lived. But alas, I was happy to do a favor like that because I know she’d do the same for me.

The wedding photographer was making a scrapbook of my wedding process and wanted pictures of every fitting and when I picked my dress and everything. So she took pictures of me and my bridesmaids.

After the pictures were taken Lucette and Deana said their goodbyes and I wanted to talk with Rikki,

“Hey, Rik, I know you don’t want to stop everything you’re doing, but the doctors said-”


“I know you feel that way but maybe-”

“Just STOP! Okay? I’m fine and I’ll see you tomorrow”

She let me rub her stomach and then she left, “Bye, Rik!”

She rolled her eyes again “Bye-ahhhhhhhhh”


“Nothing, it’s just my stomach hurts a little No biggie, probably just-AHHHHHHHHHH”

“Okay, Come with me I’m calling the doctor and your husband”

“No, NO!!

“Yes, Come on!”

“Your wedding!”

“That’s not important right now!”

She let me take her to the room she would be having her baby in, and I called Isacc. Eventually everyone was there and it was just a matter of waiting.

“So, has the doc said anything?”

“Not yet, but I am definitely having this baby soon”

“Yay!” I yelled

“I know, I’m so excited! But I’m sad I won’t be a part of your wedding”

“Well, Ethan and I decided that we would postpone it for you”


“Ya know, she’s gonna be really broken up about not being in our wedding.” I stated

“Why can’t she be in our wedding?” He asked

“Because it’s next month and she’s having a baby! TODAY!”

“Phi, she’s your best friend! We can postpone it if you want!


“Of course, we’ll wait a little longer…”


Thank you guys for such an awesome year, It’s been great! I’m so happy it’s finally my Anniversary I love this legacy and I love you guys!

~Ivie ❤




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Gen. 3 Seraphina Chapter 11

“Hey I know you’re nervous, Phina, but you and I will be fine. We love each other and this this our home. We are gonna be absolutely fine”

It had been about a month and a half since Ethan and I got engaged and we decided to move in together. He kissed my forehead and gave me a long hug.

“You’re right, love,” I said “I’m gonna go unpack the rest of the boxes for my, I-I mean our bedroom.” That made him smile.

As I started up the stairs he stopped and grabbed my hand. He lead me back over to the couch and sat me down.

“No.” He exclaimed.


“No, your gonna go change and you and I are going to go to the park.” He stared me in the eyes and reached for my hand again. He held it in his and ran his thumb over the golden ring. “I love you and you need to get this anxiety out of you.”

“Ethan, I really need to-”

He cut me off “No! Let’s go” ________________________________________________________________

“Okay, we’re here. now what” I said. He squeezed my hand even tighter and smiled. He nodded towards the slide. “Okay”

As he was about to climb up the slide I blocked his way. I decided to have a little fun, it was the park after all.

“Mmm nope, no one gets to the magical bridge without kissing the ugly troll first.” I joked

“Well I would love to get to the bridge but I see no ugly troll. Only a beautiful princess named Seraphina”

I laughed. “Okay then, if you want to get to the bridge you have to kiss the princess,” he smiled then leaned in for a kiss”,but  only if you can catch her! I ducked under his arm and ran around the slide. As he chased me  I looked and saw my shoe had come undone. Before I knew it I was toppling under the slide skinning my knee in the process

“Yowchhh” I yelled. Ethan quickly ended our game and rushed under the slide to help me.

“Oh my gosh, Sera! Are you okay, I’m so sorry are you hurt! Oh, babe I really didn’t-”

“Ethan it’s okay. I just skinned my knee, it’s no big deal.”

“In that case” He leaned in and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

I started giggling like a lunatic and remarked “Well now you can cross the bridge”

He grabbed my hand and helped me up. And we sat on the edge of the slide. That’s when I saw them.



“D-damian” my lips puckered into a sour expression as my memories resurfaced.

“Rikki, I want to go to your wedding I do! But now Damian’s gone and I was gonna ask him to go.”

“But Seraphina, you’re my maid of honor!”

“I know, but it’s in Riverview!”

“Well you still have a few weeks, why don’t you ask Ethan?” 

“Because we’ve just only started seeing each other again! It might be weird.” 


Okay, I will”

If it weren’t for Damian going to China or Paris or where ever he went. I wouldn’t have got to tell Ethan I loved him and we wouldn’t be where we are today. But why was Damian in Riverview? That’s when my attention was brought to the caramel haired woman hanging on his neck. Piercing green eyes, dark skin and a hardly noticeable bump forming at her stomach. Not to mention her gold and pink wedding band on her finger matching the large gold one on his.

“Who is that Seraphina” said Ethan interrupting my train of thought.

“What? Oh he’s an old friend”

“Oh. Okay well lets go say hello.”

“I-I guess”

As we walked closer to the swings I got a better look of Damian and his apparent “wife”.

The woman looked up from her embrace and noticed Ethan and I.

“Ooohh Helloo” She was French.

“Hi, I’m Seraphina” at the sound of my name Damian perked up

“Phina!” He yelled

I heard Ethan mumble something, but I ignored it.

“Hi Damian,” I replied “It’s so good to see you”

“Whoo ees thees” The woman questioned

Damian explained how he’d known my brother and about how he stayed with  Rikki and I, luckily he didn’t mention anything of the events that happened that night.

“Ooh, helloh Serapheena” The woman remarked “My name ees Lucette, I am Damian wife”

I giggled at her accent and then stopped upon realizing how rude it was. They both stood up. And we chatted for about half an hour before I noticed Lucette’s stomach again.

“Lucette?” I questioned

“Mhm..” She replied

“Not to be rude, but are you pregnant?”

“Ooh! Haha I almost forgot” she laughed “Yes I’m about two and a half months”

Damian snaked his arm around her waist and I smiled. As much as I thought I loved Damian, in that one night we spent together. I realized how much he loved Lucette and how he had made the commitment to be with her forever. Just like I was going to make that commitment to Ethan.He was my first love and my soulmate. And besides, they really loved each other. And as much as I wanted the perfect wedding I also wanted what Damian and Lucette had. Which was, A perfectly, imperfect marriage.





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Gen. 3 Seraphina Chapter 10


Dear Diary,

The last 5 months with Ethan have been a dream.  We were staying with his parents in Riverview because now that Rikki and Deana were both either married or about to be married I need to give them their own space. Ethan I often went to the park it was great to spend time with him in our raw element of fun. But one night we were out enjoying the breeze and having fun when he said something that caught my attention.

“Seraphina, I can’t do this anymore.”


“Be with you like this.”

“Okay? I’m confused are you breaking up with me?”

“No, no! Never! What?”

“Well then what do you mean, you can’t be with me anymore?”

“I only want you Phina! I’m done with this little game. What are we!”

“I-I don’t know, I thought we were a couple!”

“We are, I guess but I want to have a real commitment”

“I think that’s the only time I’ll ever hear that from a man’s mouth”

“No seriously! I love you!”

“You said that when I told you I was pregnant remember, then you cheated on me”

“Sera, I thought we were passed that! I was fifteen!”

“You’re right we are, now what are you even trying to say”

“Okay here it is”


As he got down on one knee I started cracking up… was he really doing this! At first I was ecstatic! I was bieng proposed to! But could I really marry a man who has betrayed me before. All of my emotions were circling in my head all my laughter had turned to tears.

Ethan pulled out the box and then stared into my eyes what he thought were tears of joy were sadly tears of pure sorrow and confusion.His elated smile turned to a confused frown. He put the box on the ground and stood up.


He opened his arms and pulled me into a comforting embrace. He ran his hands through my hair and calmed my sobs to a low whine. He held me in his arms for what felt like hours though I knew it had only been a few seconds. He just kept me even when my thoughts of the past and of how terribly he treated me resurfaced. The changed him was my new reality my cries began to weaken and my voice took over.

“Yes” I whispered

“What” He replied

“Yes! I want to marry you”

He loosened his grip of my waste and pulled out the navy blue velvet box from his pocket. Inside was a golden band with one medium sized jade green stone. He reached for the ring as my arms were still tightly woven around his neck. I backed up for a second as he slipped the ring on my slim finger. My tears were starting to emerge again. This time not of sadness but of joy pure JOY!

My body could not stand any longer to be away from his. And like a magnetic attraction I pounced. My legs were wrapped around him as he pulled me into another kiss.

I think I’m okay with the new him….

And I think he’s okay with me 😀

Love Always,


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Gen. 3 Seraphina Chapter 9

We started getting ready around 10:00 and by noon we were ready… Rikki was out of her mind with insane “what ifs”

“Sera!! He’s not gonna come it’s to good to be true!”

“Rik, calm down he loves you”

She was acting like a maniac and what’s funny is that until now she has not shown one bit of wedding jitters.

Eventually we got to the park and the ceremony was beginning.

Deana and Danny were the first to walk down the aisle, then of course Ethan and I.

Then it was the beautiful bride, a strong confident woman who was ready to give her heart to the man she loved.

Once she pranced down the aisle to Isacc they began the vows.

“Rikkelle, I remember the first day I met you, it was my fathers funeral and you were there to support your fathers company. That was the day I most needed comfort and you gave it to me. For a while we played around and when I most needed love, you gave it to me I slammed the door on your heart so many times and when I needed forgiveness Rikki, you gave it to me! You have given me so much, and I don’t even deserve a woman like you in my life and I have you because you have given me your love and I am the last person to deserve it. When you agreed to come with me to dinner that one night, you were stunning and you said I was a starting point, but now here we are getting married and I could not ask for a more perfect bride.”

It was Rikki’s turn and she was already crying

“Isacc, wow um I don’t- I-I had something prepared, but now I u-uh d-don’t know. All I do know is that I-I love you and I never want to let you go ever” She looked down and began sobbing.

“Thats more than enough” Isacc said as he kissed her head.

The whole crowd cheered as they began the rings

“With this ring I thee wed”

I won’t give up on us

“Forever  and always”

Even if the skies get rough

“No matter the weather or the day”

I’m givin you all my love

“The love in my heart is here to stay”

I’m still lookin up

The wedding dance was beautiful , they swayed across the grass as if it were a ballroom dancefloor.

Eventually Ethan and I joined them and  I think he knew the question that was burning in my heart and soul and mind.

“Ethan, do you think you’ll ever get married?”

“Well, Ms. Hartly that all depends on how you answer this next question.”

“What!” I gasped

“Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that here ” He smirked “But don’t be surprised if it comes up soon”

A smile crossed my face “I won’t be surprised, I promise”


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Generation 3 Chapter 8



As I hung up the phone I looked him in the eye. “As you were saying?” he opened his mouth and began to  say something but closed it just as quick. “Will you just talk!”

“Y-Yes!” Ethan stuttered “I’m sorry Seraphina I never meant to hurt you but by the time I found out you were pregnant… Penny and I had already started seeing eachother and I so desprately wanted to just call it off between Penny and I but, I could’nt. Her and I had history!”

“And I was having a baby! Ethan don’t you get it!”

“Yes, now I do! I did’nt know that you put Timber up for adoption”

“Did I have a choice, Ethan!”

“I guess not, what I’m trying to say is she was a phase, you’re the real thing.”

“Yeah, yeah true love whatever”

“I did, I still do love you”

“I just don’t think I can forgive you right now”

“Why? It’s been five years!”


“Give me another chance,” he paused “please”



The plane ride was forever long… but getting to Appaloosa was definately on my list of things to do today. I whistled a newer song as Ethan took his place besides me on the  plane. “You okay?”

“Yeah, of course I just can’t believe she’s getting married.”

“Me either but Isacc and Rikki deserve eachother… after all that they’ve gone through”

“I guess so” I replied

Ethan and I decided to take it slow and we’ve never even done more than hug… since we got “back together” if you would even call it that.

After we got to Isacc’s grandparent’s house Rikki took us to  see her dress.

“It’s so pretty!” I gasped as she walked out

“I know and they’ve just been holding it here for me until I got here!”

“It’s gorgeous” Deana chimed in “I hope my dress is just as pretty”

That’s right Daniel recently popped the question. I officially was the only one not engaged.

“Phina!” Ethan gasped and he pulled me into a huge embrace. “How was it”

“It was nice. I had fun”

“Okay.. well Charlene is just about to start dance lessons” he caught his breath “ya know.. for the wedding” He had been sprinkling me with so much attention lately it was’nt even him or the old him. He really had changed.

“Yah.. but I thought we agreed dancing was a bit to close for us right now?”

“Oh, right… I’m sorry I’m moving to fast”

“No… um it’s okay I guess we could try if-if ya want to”

“Yah! C’mon”

During this converstion I spotted Daniel and Deana, who had already started their “dance lesson” I heard many sweet nothings being wispered which was so lovely I could’nt help but want it!

So Ethan and I snuck over to a corner to begin dancing… but as soon as his hands touched my hips. I felt it, we both did and as soon as I could realize what we were doing he had me pinned against the wall.

“E-Ethan!” I whispered  between kisses It was just like old times except now he was’nt doing this just to make other girls jealous or show off he was doing this because  he genuinely cared about me. He had changed. I saw it in his eyes, his smile, the way he talked, still a jock but no longer a highschooler. I loved him.

After he let me down I smiled and said “I-I think I love you”  I looked away and still there was silence. “I- do love you Ethan, I love you , I love you, I love you!

He grinned as big as I had ever seen anyone grin and said ” Well, I think I might just love you too Sera”

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Um…. Hiya!! So today I just want to say that I’ve been having some major  game issues…….. I’m working on the problem but it has to do with the launcher… and the game not opening… I’ve already collected some screenshots for the next post.. but also I need to get Showtime… so I guess this is just my way to say I am officially on Hiatus… and I hate it!! As soon as I can get my game to work I will finish screenshots and get to work on writing this post! Soooo anyways here is a sneak peek!!!

Here we have Deena, Rikki and of course…. Seraphina!

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